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#itooamsdstate is a movement that was inspired by the Black Student Alliance of Harvard College. This movement brings awareness to microaggression. Microaggressions happen when people interact with someone who is different from them, whether it’s through race, cultures, gender types, religion, or…

I can’t believe SDSU is doing something so awesome (? SDSU and awesome never come into mind?!?!). The Collegian actually wrote a proper article? Is this real life????????????????????

I’m not sure who runs this but you have some major aggression for a college that you chose to go too. Or not go to

I have many major aggressions towards SDSU and towards the way my department is run. Many of them warranted, some of them silly (like my hatred towards the oft-grammatically offensive Collegian).

And sometimes (a lot of the time) if you’d like to pursue higher education, and then even higher education, you don’t really have much of a choice in where you can go, especially if money is an issue. 

Lab Romance (A Scientific Bad Romance)

(Done in the spirit of science.)

Guanine-ooh la la
Want your lab romance

I want your agar, I want your Sharpies
I’ll do the plate counting on all your Petris
I want your lab. Lab, lab, lab,
I want your lab.

I want your pipettes, the touch of Gram stain

If I could do everything over, I would have taken voice lessons and started a band called Bad Science and written songs about how much science is simultaneously amazing and incredibly horrible.